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extra virgin olive oil elixire DOP Empordà


Extra virgin olive oil DOP Empordà elixire

The family of Joaquim Suñer, throughout the years has acquired a commitment to guarantee the highest quality in its oil.
Elixire is developed exclusively with traditional and mechanical procedures which guarantee a limited production and of the highest quality. Thanks to this unconditional dedication toward his olive trees, Elixire has obtained the distinction of Denominación de Origen Protegida Empordà and several awards and acknowledgements both at the national and international levels.


Our oil

- 100% Argudell variety
- Gourmet Product, presented in a dark glass bottle to maintain all the properties.
- Superior quality olive oil obtained directly from Argudell olives and only through mechanical procedures.
- Fruity aroma of medium intensity and a balanced and mature taste.
- Low acidity: between 0.1 º and 0.2 º

400 year-old olive trees

For generations, these oil producers have developed oil with some very special characteristics.
It is an extra virgin olive oil, obtained from olive trees which are more than 400 years old, grown in the fields of Mollet, Peralada and Rabós, municipalities located in the Alt Empordà.
From these centuries-old olive trees, of the Argudell variety, autochtonous to this land, oils are produced which are balanced between the sweetness of a fruity aroma and a mild point of bitterness which defines its personality.

Elixire, secret of youth

Olive oil is an essential element of Mediterranean cuisine and gives its dishes a characteristic and unforgettable taste and aroma.
Without a doubt, our cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world. Scientific studies have shown that olive oil provides countless benefits to our health, maily in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes, among others.
It is also attributed with anti-aging properties thanks to the antioxidants that it provides. Our olive oil keeps this powerful secret, like a magic elixir, an elixir of youth.

premis oli d'oliva Elixire